MEEC sponsors countless inter-church activities and holds many workshops, seminars and conferences with the aim of building capacities of member churches’ leaders by providing resources and training programs. This covers the fields of Theology, Women, Christian Education, Media Production and Church-Related Schools.
FMEEC has also been blessed to carry on special ministry programs serving the churches in Iran (since 1992) and the churches in Iraq (since 2009). These programs are especially designed to meet the needs of these specific member churches as they continue to face difficulties of all sorts.

Important Achievements

1- “Amman Declaration” 2006:  

This document represents a historic statement of union and inter-communion between 
the Reformed and Lutheran member churches of FMEEC.  The efforts at reaching a 
more comprehensive union that includes Anglican churches has been in process, 
as the search for unity cannot and must not stop.


2-The vote on “ordination of women” 2010: 

That was in response to the FMEECs Theology Committees report during the last General Assembly 2010 which found no biblical or theological reasons to oppose ordination of women. The proposal was drafted on the spot and it was a unanimous historic vote pro ordination of women.


3-FMEECs “Strategic Plan” 2010 - 2017:  

The strategic plan is tied to the mentioned above Mission, Vision and Core Values of FMEEC. The plan is composed of three core strategies: Organizational Development, Advancement Development, and Ministry Development. Goals and Objectives in each of the three strategies have been set, as well as suggested activities/ programs to achieve them.